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About Us

What does Vacay XP do?

Vacay XP is an eTourism platform that aims to provide every traveller with the best possible holiday experience. Every aspect and design detail of our tour packages provides our clients with the most relaxed holiday atmosphere they have ever encountered. We are a one stop solution that focuses on flexibility and the freedom to learn and explore while on tour.

Vacay XP is a socially responsible e-Tourism platform that forms the bridge between tourism service providers and the empowered tourist through service innovation. We are passionate about the human connection; that which is critical and yet evidently missing in our world of inflexible sight-seeing tours at common holiday destinations. Think of us as eHolidays with a human spirit where flexibility, education, sustainability and responsibility are the main driving forces.

Our parent company Athena HM was named after the mythical Greek goddess of Wisdom and Crafts as she possesses characteristics that we can relate to, namely wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, strategy and skill in arts and crafts. The HM at the end of our name stands for both ‘Homemade’ and ‘Handmade’ as a large portion of the products available on our eCommerce app / site are not mass produced but designed and made by cottage industry producers.

In a nutshell, a complete turnkey offering in the form of an eHoliday and eCommerce platform with a full backend service covering logistics and a payment gateway whereby, tourism service providers and cottage industry item producers can leverage on said platform to market and sell their tour packages and produce to the local and global tourist marketplace. Plus a built in socially responsible mechanism that annually channels a portion of the profits from service and product sales to beneficiary organisations upon the declaration of an audited year end profit. We also strongly adhere to the Knowledge Economy; in terms of innovation, we are the first Malaysian eHoliday and eCommerce company with real time tour navigation and site information in a seamless package.

Our Tagline: ‘Every Holiday is a Learning Xperience at your own pace’

What local products that
Vacay XP promote?


“Malaysia, Truly Asia" is what you hear en route to Malaysia. Indeed, there's practically every bit of Asia to be found here, as the country's population is made up primarily of three groups: Malay, Chinese and
Indians. Quite expectedly, the diversity of Malaysian handcrafts is eflective of this composition.
Most of our popular products are made by local people and comes from the original village/states. Most of our products are already export quality.


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Athena HM Sdn Bhd
No.9, Lrg Burhanuddin Helmi 5,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 
60000 Wilayah Persekutuan,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Phone: +6012-6020179
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