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Masada National Park Tour Guide, Israel

Welcome to Masada’s GPS-enabled professionally-narrated walking tours! You’ll find the tour highly entertaining, thoroughly researched and prepared by local guides.

Israel has a rich history. One of the best is the ancient fortress of Masada, atop a rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Masada was ‘discovered’ in 1828 - untouched for almost 2000 years. You will be amazed by the architecture built by King Herod - his palace, synagogue, storerooms, bathhouses, pools, and amazing mosaic floors. 

Popular Highlights


The Northern Palace

On the northern edge of the steep cliff, with a splendid view, stood the elegant, intimate, private palace-villa of the king. This northern palace consists of three terraces, luxuriously built, with a narrow, rock-cut staircase connecting them.


The Large Bathhouse

Herod’s large bathhouse located on the north side of the plateau. It was composed of several rooms; cold (frigidarium), warm (tepidarium) and hot baths (caldarium), and dressing room (apodyterium).


The Western Palace

The entrance to the Western Palace. It was the largest structure in Masada, covering 3,700 square metres and the main ceremonial and administrative building.


The most interesting story is about the siege of Masada and rebels fight with the Romans. The app has exciting stories with a lot of graphical animation of the siege of Masada, battle with the Romans, a smart battle strategy and a great sacrifice at the end.
Enjoy exciting tales of Masada’s history and culture! You will have total flexibility with your schedule. 

Key stops of the Masada Tour:
The story:
• Get to know Masada
• What is the siege?
• How did it happen?
The Tour:
• The Snake Path Gate
• The Quarry
• Commandant's Residence
• Storerooms Complex
• The Northern Palace
• The Terrace
• The Large Bathhouse
• Columbarium Towers
• The Breaching Point
• The Tanners’ Tower
• The Round Columbarium Tower
• Southern Gate
• Ritual Bath
Many more…