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Building a sustainable community based Ecotourism

Can the community benefit from this Ecotourism project?

Most publications from publishing companies producing coffee table books, glossy magazines and TV documentaries are now accessible to travellers. Travellers have often asked if, and how, local communities and tribes can genuinely benefit from tourism. Publication companies are now taking advantage of the uniqueness of culture and heritage stories that have interesting elements that can't be found elsewhere. 
  • BUILDING COMMUNITIES - It's time to build up these communities with help from various industries working together to bring travellers closer to these destinations. Communities need to be known and promoted. We as a tourism community have to play a role to bring travellers to meet the local community that are keeping their culture alive. We constantly need to support and encourage them to continue their initiative in order to be known by the current and future generations. 
  • PRESERVING CULTURE - The cultural aspects that we need to showcase is their dance, traditional food, clothing and jewellery. Folk tales also have the value that has to be preserved. Their folk tell stories has the moral value that can be thought to our children. All these have a value to be promoted through tourism. Let's take this advantage to promote the culture and heritage building that be will gone one day if all of us are not taking it seriously to support them.
  • BRIGDGING THE GAP - Let me bring you closer look, how the indigenous people living in the village or in the jungle. They live by themselves by thinking that they are living in their village without knowing about the real world that we are living in. Especially in the modern world. They are very comfortable living in their space and feel secure. Is about time, we reach out to them and introduce ourselves and show them that there are real people out there, other than their own tribe. 
  • We should not leave indigenous communities to make their own decisions about how and when to invite tourists into their communities and lives, it’s vital that they are able to make informed decisions. Truly successful community tourism projects are the result of extensive cooperation between a community and a tourism expert, who knows exactly how to facilitate a form of tourism that is led by and empowers the people living in that community. Community based ecotourism provides local employment and income for education, development and conservation initiatives, while at the same time giving both hosts and guests a unique opportunity for cultural exchange. 
  • It is often with the help of an outside facilitator, that the community becomes aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage, and is encouraged to become actively involved in the conservation of these resources. As well as learning the necessary skills to run it as a sustainable business, while understanding the pros and cons of tourism. 
  • CORPORATE PARTICIPATION - We encourage the corporate to take part in this project to support a sustainable tourism project for the villages. Is about time, the corporate should play a role to help the villages to be sustainable and bring development independently. We are hoping that the villages will be able to live as we are in a comfortable manner with proper infrastructure and development.
  • PRESERVING HERITAGE - Most of the heritage buildings in the city also being demolished due to unappreciated and undervalued by the certain people. Let's all of us come forward to rescue the heritage building by making them beautiful, bring new life and get admired by everyone. Rejuvenation project by the NGO group from younger generations will bring the interest to the heritage building. We welcome any group to undertake this initiative to collaborate this project with the government or individual that has a unique building.